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LED Street Bulb

T5-600mm-Transparent Cover-6W

T5 led tube,led tube,led spot light / bulb,led strip,led module
  • Model No:T5-600-96T-6W
  • Warranty:3 Years
  • Packing: Carton with EPE FOAM
  • Brand Name:BBBLED or OEM
  • Minimum Order:10 pcs
  • Supply Ability: 20000pcs/month
  • Quality Certification: CE,Rohs
  • Luminous flux: 500 lm

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Products Detail

Replace T5 20W fluorescent tubes (no need starter and ballast )
LED Tube Light Technical parameters:

T5- 600-96T-6W
T5- 600-30T-6W
Power Consumption
Tube Dimension
T5 Φ16 x 600 mm
 T5 Φ16 x 600 mm
Lighting Source
3528 SMD high brightness
 5050 SMD high brightness
LED Quantity
96 pcs
 30 pcs
Tube Crust
Aluminum +PC Cover(Transparent)
 Aluminum +PC Cover(Transparent)
IP Rating
Light Output
Transparent Cover
Stripe Cover
Frosted Cover
Luminous Efficacy
Transparent Cover
Stripe Cover
Frosted Cover
Power factor
Color Temperature
Beam Angle
Lumen Maintenance
Net Weight:
LED Tube  is an upgraded CFL tube replacement with LED. It has the best configuration of brightness and power efficiency. LED Tube  is designed to replace medium bi-pin T5,T8 and T10 fluorescent tubes. LED tube is directly into most fluorescent flxtures providing a simple upgrade to high quality LED lighting. LED Tube  is optimized to provide light outputs comparable to fluorescent and delivers the immediate beneflts of white-LED lighting; long lifetimes, no maintenance, high efflciency, no mercury, no recycling, no flickering, no buzzing, instant start, cold temperature operation, and high quality light. It provides energy savings of up to 75% over fluorescent applications that require long hours with low occupancy rates such as stairwells, corridors, warehouses, and remote locations. The high quality LED Tube  replacement tube is constructed from extruded aluminum to provide a virtually unbreakable, vandal proof lighting solution.

Our LED Tube Advantages:
-Much Longer life than CFL tube: min.10 years(suppose that light is on 8 hours per day)
-70%~80% Energy-saving over Fluorescent tubes
-Solid State, high shock/vibration resistant
-Work without ballast
-No RF interference
-No flickering or buzzing
-Quick and easy installation to minimize retrofit costs
-Instant soft-start
-Minimum maintenance costs
-Produce little Heat
-No Mercury and other hazardous materials, fully RoHS-compliant
-Continuous operation for white LEDs (10 years for other colors)
-Rated to operate from -40°F to 122°F [-40°C to 50°C], perfect for environments with extreme climates

Technical specifications:
1. Wide voltage input 85-265 VAC, 277V AC,DC24V
2. PF(power factor) :0.86-0.92
3. Power efficiency >86%
4. Operating Temperature :-40℉to 122℉(-40℃ to 50℃)

LED Tube  has 2 types PC Cover according to its front shells.
Frosted vivid light effect exactly same as CFL
Transparent cover let can be seen from the front (brightest light output)
     Stripe cover       Transparent cover            Frosted cover
Light Source Test Report:
Tube Light Test Report
LED Tube Applications:

Usage notes:
1. Standard warranty period 3 years
2. Only accredited electrical staff can disassemble and assemble LED Tube. Protective measures should be taken while installation.
3. Electronic ballast and starter MUST be taken away from the existing fixture of CFL before installing.
4. LED Tube is of indoor design. Never install tubes in humid environments.










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Dimension & Packing Info.:

Each tube is packed separately in a plastic pipe. Anti-static sponge end caps are used to protected the metal pins.