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LED Street Bulb

60x60cm LED Panel Light

led panel light,led ceiling light,led street bulb
  • Model No:PL600*600-42W
  • Warranty:2 Years
  • Packing: Carton with EPE FOAM
  • Brand Name:BBBLED or OEM
  • Minimum Order:1 pcs
  • Supply Ability: 5000pcs/month
  • Quality Certification: CE,Rohs
  • Luminous flux: 3360 lm

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Products Detail

Product Overview:
LED panel lights highlighting the use of a new generation of low power and high power SMD LED as light source, has the following characteristics:
Energy: the brightness of the panel light than the equivalent of about 60% reduction in power consumption, power consumption than equivalent incandescent brightness decrease of about 80%, power PFC ≥ 92%, power conversion efficiency ≥ 88%, consistent with energy efficiency standards.
Environmental protection: infrared and ultraviolet spectrum free, free of harmful substances mercury content, meet RoHs requirements, LED light source is typically green.
Life: LED life of up to 50,000 hours, or point that is light, there is no delay time, switching frequency does not affect the light source life.
Security: not easily damaged, green. Recyclable waste, no pollution; unlike fluorescent lamps contain mercury components panel, soft light, through the CE certification.
Wide scope of application: start at low temperature, normal and use. Common fluorescent panel lamp difficult to start at low temperatures, due to unique design, LED panel lights (special materials: aluminum shell + LGP + spread sheet), light emitted by the surface uniform light, look no glare, greatly reducing human eye injury, relieving eye fatigue, especially for hospitals.
Adaptation places: hospitals, offices, retail stores, supermarkets, schools, hotels, factories, car parks and other indoor places to use.

MODEL: PL600*600-42W
MAIN SPECIFICATIONS( T=20Celsius degree)
1 Input Voltage AC110V or -220V
2 Operate Voltage DC24V
3 Power Consumption 42W
4 Luminous Flux >3360Lm(Cool white)
>2800Lm(Warm white)
5 Color Cool white/Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Orange / Warm white/ Natural white/RGB
6 Color Temperature 2700-3300K(Warm white)   4000-5000K (Natural white)   5500-7000K(Cool white)
7 Life Time >50,000 Hours
8 OperatingTemperature -10Celsius degree to +40Celsius degree
9 Storage Temperature -20Celsius degree to +60Celsius degree
10 Humidity Operating 10-80%
11 Humidity Storage 10-80%
12  Illuminance >550Lux(@1.0Meter, White)
>300Lux(@2.0Meter, white)
13 Certifications CE, RoHS
14 Weight 3.8  kg
15 Size 600*600*10.4mm
16 Size for installation 600*600mm
17 IK Code IK04
18 IP Code IP41
19 Luminaires Class Class II
20 Fixing Ways  Recessed,Surface Mounting,Suspending
21 LED quantity 3528 SMD 700 pcs

Lux Paramter:


LED Panel  Lights &  Fluorescent Parameter Comparision (for reference only)

Item Fluorescent (600*600 Grill lamp) LED Panel (600mm*600mm)
1 Light source QTY 20W T8 TUBE/3PCS LED panel/1pcs
2 Power consumption 20*3+10=70W 36W
3 Lux (1.5m) 300LUX 340LUX
4 Light on Hours                                    12H/Day.360days/year
5 Consumption 70*12*360=302.4KWH 155.52KWH*0.2=31.1USD
6 Electricity bill 302.4KWH*0.2USD=60.48USD 129.6lw*0.2=25.92USD
7 Material Price 2USD*3=6USD+Grill:5USD=11USD 100USD
8 Maintain cost 40USD 0
9 Life time 3 000H 50 000-80 000H
10 Total cost 60.48+11+40=114.48USD 100+31.1=131.1USD
11 Save Electricity Cost 60.48*2-31.1=29.38USD
12 Total saving 29.38+11+40=80.38USD per year
13 Conclusion Less than 16 months can return the cost ,and win 80.38USD Per panel per year