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LED Street Bulb

60pcs/M 5050 RGB Non-WaterProof Flexible Strip

led strip,led neon flex,led module,led spot light / bulb
  • Model No:LUXIP00-5050RGB-60
  • Warranty:3 Years
  • Packing: Carton
  • Brand Name:BBBLED or OEM
  • Minimum Order:5 meter
  • Supply Ability: 5000meter/month
  • Quality Certification: CE,Rohs
  • Luminous flux: 240 lm/meter

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Magic LED Ribbon uses super bright 3-in-1 SMD RGB LEDs as the light source. With help of the built-in Microchips on the ribbon, the LEDs long life spam and color consistency can be maintained. RGB Ribbon produces a hundreds of patterns of color synchronization, sequence, advancing, rolling and flash.
To realize the various effects, Magic LED Ribbon needs our RGB controller brings the effects of color flowing, chasing, rolling, advancing, replacing, strobe etc.

Model Number

 Length & Width (mm)
LED Q’ty
LED Type
Light Output (mcd)
Light Output
Beam Angle
Voltage (V DC)
Current (Amps)
Max. Power Consumption (W)
Continuous Connection (m)

300 pcs








About The RGB Magic LED Ribbon Controller:
1. The requested power supply for RGB Controller is DC12V1.5A . The max controlling distance for signal sending to receiving device is 300 meters. The optimal distance is 100 meters.
2. The working temperature is -30~+60 ℃
3. Has memory function.

Key details:
Key 1: Mode +                                                                     Key 2: Mode –
Mode 3: Speed +                                                                 Key 4: Speed –
Key 5: Modes demonstration, showing all 15 modes          Key 6: power on/off

There are 14 pro-set modes for the RGB controller:
 1) 7 colors flowing
- red color flowing
- yellow color flowing
- green color flowing
- Cyan color flowing
- blue color flowing
- purple color flowing
- white color flowing
 2) 2 LED dots running mode in come-and-go way
- red running
- green running
- blue running
- purple running
- yellow running
- cyan running
3) 2 LED dots running in come-and-go way, with grounding
- red dots run with yellow grounding
- green dots run with white grounding
- purple dots run with red grounding
- blue dots run with green grounding
- yellow dots run with purple grounding
- cyan dots run with blue grounding
4) 7 colors move forward and backward
- red moves forward and backward
- yellow moves forward and backward
- green moves forward and backward
- cyan moves forward and backward
- blue moves forward and backward
- purple moves forward and backward
- white moves forward and backward
 5) 7 colors move from the ribbon end and ribbon start
then back to the end.
- red moves
- yellow moves
- green moves
- cyan moves
- blue moves
- purple moves
- white moves
6) 7 colors move forward with color grounding
- red moves
- yellow moves with red grounding
- green moves with yellow grounding
- cyan moves with green grounding
- blue moves with cyan grounding
- purple moves with blue grounding
- white moves with purple grounding
 7) 7 colors move from the ribbon end with color grounding, opposite to mode 6.  8) colors move forward overcrossing another color grounding
- red moves to the ribbon end and works as color grounding
- yellow moves from the ribbon end with red grounding
- green moves from the ribbon start with yellow grounding
- cyan moves from the ribbon end with green grounding
- blue moves from the ribbon start with cyan grounding
- purple moves from the ribbon end with blue grounding
- white moves from the ribbon start with purple grounding
 9) another cycling of mode 9 from ribbon end
 10) Single color strobe
- yellow
- green
- cyan
- blue
- purple
- white
 11) static red 12) static green
 13) static blue  14) static purple

1) Architectural decorative lighting
2) Archway, canopy & bridge edge lighting
3) Amusement park, theater & aircraft cabin mood lighting
4) Emergency hallway lighting
5) Auditorium walkway lighting
6) Stairway accent lighting
7) Concealed lighting
8) Backlighting for signage letters
9) Channel letter lighting
10) Cove lighting