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LED Street Bulb

Why call LED lighting products green products?

10/11/2011 6:11:09 AM
Q: Why like LED bulbs, LED fluorescent lamps and other LED light source is known as green light?

We all know that LED bulbs are energy-saving light source, and many called LED lighting is environmentally friendly green lighting, energy conservation alone can be said then the green environment lighting, definitely does not work, the traditional energy-saving lamps are energy saving, why can not be called Green light for the following reasons:

To determine whether a product is green product, the first of its environmental impact from the good or bad, LED bulbs are energy-saving light source, but not because it was known as energy-saving green lighting. High pressure sodium lamp, metal halide, electrodeless lamp, these light sources contain mercury (mercury) materials, mercury and toxic materials on the human body are harmful to soil, while light-emitting LED light source is solid, no mercury-containing materials, said it was the people for the green light. As the mercury-containing lamps in general can not be abandoned after a good deal of mercury pollution on the environment, LED abandoned, will not pollute the environment, so people also call the green light.