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Customer Service
Service flow:
Lux Lighting Service
We are with R&D and QA control systems and good awareness of what we are doing and what we are going to do.
Products for Made-In-China should be moved to another standard on quality oriented, it's our honor to get your trust with reasonable pricing.

Our Promise to you 
Before placing orders, we provide:
◆       Structure design drawings & photos;
◆       Led drivers design drawings & photos;
◆       Thermal management design drawings & photos;
◆       LED Chip proof and performance of led components & photos;
◆       Quality control procedures during production of IQC, QA, OQC;
◆       Any other reasonable requirements as per requested;
During production, we provide:
◆       Quality control at mass production for every step with photos or online video for factory check of your order;
◆       Aging photos with sufficient burn-in and final QA test;
◆       Any other reasonable requirements as per requested;
After production, we provide:
◆       Solid package photos;
◆       Courier tracing;
◆       Any other reasonable requirements as per requested;

Follow-UP service:
◆       Code number with every item alone
(if with any problem happened, we will trace from production record to find out problems, and give solutions on maintenance with necessary spare parts)