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Lux Lighting Customer Testimonies

Thank you for your cooperation and professionalism. ——Frank Mariann, Hungary

We would like to thank you for your help during our visit in China. We were very surprised about your hospitality, professional meeting at your company and that's why we are sure to doing businesses in China with people like you and with the company like yours. ——Adam Bogacz, Poland

How are you, the street light work well. ——Clement Sébastien, Belgium (Used our 84W led street light for about 3 years until now)
No problem ..I just wanted to inform her that everything going perfect with LED Tube I have received from your company and client (my customer) is very positively surprised goods delivered, quality and overall impression.

YES I am very happy and satisfied with Lux Lighting led panel light and overall service, provided goods and support and buisness comunication since first contact (Dina Lu). All further LED-panel light I am planing to order will be Lux! ——Stipe Ercegovic,Croatia

I want to inform to you that the new led tube work very good today, I will send to you few photos about the order we will order in few days. And I think that you should had in stock more led tube because i going to order 5000pcs, so do your best to had the led tube in stock.and I think you should come to visit us and see your tube. ——Kobi, Israel (Old customer which gave us 3rd repeat orders, use our led tube for about 3 years for the first one )

Yes ,your led flex neon tube is working very well and we are satisfied from our business with your firm. ——Mehrshad.Mirsharghi, Iran

We also saw Mr Edward yesterday and what a great person he is. He showed me how the program works and your stand looks beautiful. Anyway, pls think about the above request, we told your collegues that we will be in contact with you and we can go for lunch before they leave for China again as we really want to build a healthy relationship with our best supplier. ——Vicki, South Africa

> Hello, the led panel light is now been mounted, the first report is that the panels Looks 10 times better Than the panel we bought in march from another Chinese company. —— Pål Westby AS, Sweden

I already have an LED street your production.
I am very pleased with the quality. ——Piotr Kucharz, Poland

We have been buying your equipment for some time and are feeling very comfortable with the production quality and with your keenness to co-operate with us for success together.
We have many existing opportunities ahead of us and I would like to think that we will be able to work together to ensure the best possible result for both of us.
Below is the test report from this customer before placing the first order to Lux Lighting sample 600mm LED panel
Last year before we tendered for a large led panel light order in Australia, we subjected the Lux Lighting sample 600mm panel to some very rigorous testing.
• Very uniform brightness.
• We turned it on and off it operating in the summer for four days. The panel remained working without fault.
• We hit the data and power connectors with blocks of wood and the connectors and plugs remained operational.
In our view the panel was very resilient to all of the tests we subjected it to. ——CLIVE, Australia

Many thanks for your congratulations. Also helped by Absen because of the clear and great LED strip!!
Also thanks for helping us out with the led controller which we received in time ;-) ——Harm Scheper, Netherlands

I shall also push for more Lux Lighting LED clients in our country.
So, I will surely need your assistance in future.
I appreciate very much your professional assistance. It is very reassuring to have this kind of support from you and your fine comapny.
Be sure that I, Lydia, will continue to make the Lux Lighting company grow in our region.
Many, many thanks again for your patience. —— FETZER,Paraguay

I see in my country some led street light with resolution of 70W,98W, made by Lux Lighting (again info from Roberto), the products was very good —— Ena,MACEDONIA

We turned on the top screen yesterday and it looks amazing.
We still have about 2 weeks of work to do on the job to make everything 100%
I will send you more photos after the job is 100% perfect.” ——David Kessel,South Africa

Jessie was very helpful – She says David is very good with understanding and installation and thinks when we do flat screen we can do it on our own.
We switched the solar street light on only once and it looked very good,” —— Ryan Roux,South Africa