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LED Street Bulb

LED GU10 Lighting

3/2/2012 2:39:38 AM
You can use LEDs in areas of your home where you want really bright light. For example, you can try an LED strip under kitchen units or inside cupboards. Unlike many other lighting options, they give off almost no heat. And the very bright LED light stays focused on one small area, not spread out. So it's not a good choice for wide area illumination. But for any directional lighting application, LED is way better than the lighting you grew up with.
LED lighting comes in a variety of color choices, for both indoor and outdoor uses. The key is that your new LED technology uses much lower power to produce much brighter light. Plus, the color of the light actually affects its brightness. One of the more popular configurations lately has been the LED GU10.
And you'll quickly discover that because it is so directional, the angle of an LED GU10 beam greatly affects the brightness of the light. A small light angle is much brighter than a larger angle. Your local lighting store or any of the home supply stores will be happy to demonstrate the difference between LEDs and the old lighting you are familiar with. You'll most certainly be impressed and want to reconsider how you light your home.
Incandescent light bulbs work by burning a metal filament to create light. And if you've ever tried to unscrew a bulb that is still on, you know how much heat they produce. In fact, most of the power they draw is converted into heat, not light. That is very inefficient. The LED creates no heat, which is why it is so economical.
One of the most popular benefits of the LED GU10 is that they last about 20 times longer than the bulbs you are accustomed to buying. And more, you'll discover that an LED bulb generally uses about 10% or 20% of the power of a standard bulb. The cost of the bulbs themselves is about the same. So a much longer bulb life expectancy and a lower power bill are reasons many people consider LED home lighting to be a smart investment.You've probably seen the new LED GU10 home lighting products in stores. If you haven't yet tried them, you are in for a surprise. LEDs emit directional light, focused on a single area. This is a great choice for many various lighting applications like spotlights, accent lighting, light tracks, recessed lighting, desk lamps, decorative lighting, and more.