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LED Street Bulb

Philips expects huge growth in 2010 LED business


Royal Philips Electronics expects its 2010 LED business sales value in the Taiwan market to be four times the amount for 2009, according to Philips Taiwan general manager Edward Po.

In addition to continued growth in sales of LED lighting products, the increase will also be coming from LED drivers and modules which are being introduced in the Taiwan market in 2010, Po noted.

Issues with LED lighting products have mostly been with the driver, rather than the chip quality, Po said. Industry players have now realized the importance of LED drivers, Po noted, adding that Philips has completed a vertical integration for its LED business.

Purchases from Taiwan for the LED business will increase steadily and will mainly focus on the midstream and upstream sectors, Po said.

Philips senior product marketing manager Hogo Luik indicated that Philips' LED driver can be used in temperatures ranging from negative 40 degrees to positive 60 degrees Celsius with over 50,000 hours usage life. Philips' LED drivers account for 50-60% of the market in the US, and is just taking off in Asia markets, he said.

LED will account for over 50% of the worldwide lighting market in 2015 and 75% in 2020, up from 8% in 2008, Philips Taiwan added.